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End Of Lease Services

Kitchen Cleaning
Before you move out, we will make sure that all your cupboards are cleaned out,including the front part of the cupboards and the insides. Expect your fridge to be thoroughly cleanedoutside and inside. Your oven will be spic and span once our cleaners have gone through it. We alsomake sure to check your dishwasher and clean it from outside to inside. Once all these are done,expect your floors to be mopped and scrubbed well. Inside windows will be totally washed and doorsspot cleaned. Your skirtings will be wiped well and dusted. Lastly all the walls will be wiped clean of oilstains, dirt stains and finger prints.
Bathroom Cleaning
We offer extensive cleaning services for your bathrooms. Expect all the doorsand windows to be cleaned well. Our cleaners will scrub the toilet and bath, making sure there will beno residue left. We will also clean the screen for your shower. Descaling of your shower head is alsopart of the cleaning service. The mirrors will be cleaned well. We will also clean all the shelves andcupboards, both inside and out. The skirtings will be dusted well. Lastly your walls will be scrubbedclean to rid of finger prints and dirt stains.
Bedrooms Cleaning
We make sure to clean out all the cupboards and wardrobes in all thebedrooms from the outer parts to the inner parts. All the floors will be scrubbed well and carpets willbe vacuumed. The doors and windows will be wiped and cleaned. The fittings and skirtings will bewiped and dusted. Lastly your mirrors will be cleaned as well.
Lounging Area Cleaning
Similar to your bedrooms, we also offer cleaning services of thelounging area. Windows and doors will be cleaned thoroughly, wiping off all fingerprints and dirtstains. Shelves, drawers and cupboards will be cleaned from inside to outside. Floors will be scrubbedand carpets will be vacuumed. Any light fittings will be wiped over. We will also clean the mirrors and
Overall Clean
Before turning over the house back to you, we will makeit a point to clean the rest of the house, including your hallways, stairs and other common areas. Allfurniture will be dusted. All doors, walls, ceilings and windows will be wiped clean of any grime anddirt. Glass tables and mirrors will be left spotless. Lastly we will also scrub the floors and vacuum theentire house.

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Why Choose Us?

We understand the importance of end of lease cleaning services as you have posted a bond prior toleasing the property. Landlords and real estate agents usually check the premises thoroughly and require theproperty to be in fantastic condition before releasing the bond back. Should there be anything amiss, the bondwill be forfeited. This is why getting properties cleaned up properly before moving out is crucial as you wantto make sure that you will be able to get your bond back. Because of this, we have created a comprehensivechecklist of services that we will provide as part of our end of lease cleaning. That way you can be certainthat you will be able to comply to all the requirements of your landlord and real estate agent. With this, thereshould not be any problem with the release of your bond.
We do not believe that quality service needs to be costly. This is why we offer our end of lease cleaningservices at the most reasonable prices. However we do not scrimp on the quality of the cleaning we do and theextent of the job we finish. We make sure that the house will be spotless before we turn it over to you so thatyou will be assured to have your bond back to you.
Having been in this industry for many years now, we have a lot of experience when it comes to end of leasecleaning. Not only do we coordinate with various real estate agents to get their latest requirements foreffective bond release, but we also make sure that all our cleaners are kept abreast on the updated needswhen it comes to the cleaning services they provide. They make sure to check every nook and cranny beforeturning over the place to you. Our cleaners will spend ample amounts of time making sure that the propertywill be thoroughly cleaned. In fact, they will not leave the premises unless they are a hundred percent sure thatyou will be truly satisfied with their service. As part of our cleaning service, we also include cleaning materialssuch as brooms, mops, vacuum cleaners and even detergent. So you do not need to worry about providing allthese things, as we will already take care of these things for you. All you need to do is just let us know whenyou want us to clean the property and we will be there.
As we are aware of the importance of your bond to you, we make sure to do everything in order to assure thatyou will get it back. Aside from the bond, we also know that your image is on the line, as a property given backin rundown condition will not look good on you. Your landlord or real estate agent might not wish to entertainyou for future transactions anymore. So in order to preserve your image and reputation, we take the burden ofcleaning the area away from you so you can concentrate on vacating the premises and preparing to move intoyour new premises.
A lot of people would think of trying to save costs by simply cleaning the property themselves. However asmany people are not aware of the criteria and requirements of landlords and real estate agents, the bond isusually not released back, especially if you run short of these criteria and requirements. So instead of tryingto save a bit of money and losing the bond in the long run, why not avail of our services. We have been doingthis long enough to know how to go about it. We will attend to all your cleaning needs to ensure a smoothtransition while vacating the premises. Moreover this will allow you to focus on the other aspects of moving.That way you have the cleaning process out of your mind. Operating seven days a week, we will fit to yourschedule. Just let us know of your availability and we will arrange someone to assist you.
When it comes to cleaning, our team of cleaning professionals are unmatched by any other. Your unit willbe left sparkling clean. In fact, it will look the same way it did when you first got the place. Not only are ourcleaners extremely thorough, but they also work efficiently ensuring you that they will get the job done in notime. All of them have at least five years of cleaning experience under their belt before we chose to absorbthem. So you can rest assured that they really know what they are doing. Moreover they are also sticklers forpunctuality. So expect to be at your doorstep even before the committed time. Furthermore all our cleanershave passed for the necessary health requirements. You can be sure that they are physically fit to clean yourpremises quickly. Lastly all our cleaners are insured. You would not need to worry should there be any minoraccident in the area. You will be not be held liable for anything.So should your lease be up and you need to vacate the property immediately, just make sure to call us and wewill send some of our best cleaners to assist you immediately. Do not worry about having to wait a long time.We will send someone over right away. Moreover all our cleaners are highly well-versed and knowledgeablewhen it comes to any cleaning related service we have. So if you find yourself needing some help, just call us orsend us a message and you will be attended to right away. Remember that we only want what is best for ourcustomers. Therefore we always make it a point to give you only the best service. So kick off your shoes andenjoy our top of the line cleaning services.
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  • I'm a dog lover, and I have the carpets to prove it.  Over the years, I've tried out a lot of different cleaners but none of them did as good of job as JD Cleaners.  If you want to get rid your pet stains and smells on your carpet, call these guys!
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